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The Most Overrated NFL Quarterbacks of All-Time… A Statistical Analysis and Introduction of the Janus Method

I do not usually venture into the realm of human indulgence… At least not in print anyhow… But due to recent events, I felt the need to address a certain situation that came to my attention… There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics. This holds most true whenever the method or … Continue reading

Django: Unchained, the Most Historically Accurate Movie out of Hollywood in a Long Time?

Now that the initial uproar settled down to a quiet buzz, the critical mind can sit back and absorb whatever insightful lessons Django: Unchained presented to us, if any. Quentin Tarantino’s hyper-violent (almost satirically so), racially charged, shoot ’em up attempt at a Spaghetti Western drew the ire of many critics, not to mention that … Continue reading

Why the Tea Party Failed, and Occupy is Close Behind

In their Influential book, Poor People’s Movements: Why They Succeed, and How They Fail, Francis Fox Piven and Richard A. Cloward argued that a social movement’s, particularly those championing the interests of the working and poorer classes, greatest enemy is not necessarily the established order, but the empowered organizational elements claiming to represent said interests. … Continue reading

Presidential Politics and Science

Why Does Science Remain a Non-Issue in Presidential Elections… Again and Again?

Today, on NPR’s Science Friday, host Ira Flatow and guests Shawn Lawrence Otto (CEO/Co-Founder, ScienceDebate.org), David Gergen (Senior Political Analyst, CNN), and Michael Lubell (Professor of Physics, City College U of NYC) discussed the issue of science’s absence among nearly every Presidential Debate—past, present, and most likely for the foreseeable future. You might have guessed, … Continue reading


The Irony of Cal U Pride…

Anyone who has ever attended a sporting event at our university, or has at least viewed any number of broadcasts produced by the schools television network, cannot help but notice the abundance of signs bearing the moniker CALUPride. This is a common display to behold. Nearly every institution in the United States, be it athletic, … Continue reading